Saturday, October 31, 2009


So I have not posted in a while... confession... there is a reason for that. Last week we found out that I am pregnant and wanted to wait a little while before we told people. I get really excited about things and did not want to give it away until it was time so it was just easier to not post. Sorry but that is the confession, that and I have been really really tired and it has taken every once of energy I have to get homeschooling done and what house cleaning I have done; just could not keep my eyes open long enough to type. I go the Midwives next week, and get checked out along with all the specifics, right now they think I am around 11 weeks and due the middle of May. Trust me the blogging world will be updated.


Mom Of Many said...

Oh Yippee Jesus!! That's so awesome!!!!!!!!!! Rejoicing with you guys!!! xo

Miss. Jinny said...

Yeah whoo! Congratulations! :) That is so exciting I did not realize you had posted this until I saw it on Facebook! LOL No wonder you are liking Z names! :)

Susan Mudry-McDaniel said...

Congratulation Jo and Matt !!! God is enriching your quiver!