Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wow God Wednesday - Laid Off

In December of last year my husband was laid off. Normally this would have been a fast and complete down ward spiral... but God is good and Matt just trusted. He was laid off on a Monday. He spent Tuesday writing and filing our resumes and applications. He had one resume left... he had been doing wholesale for 5 years and was really wanting out of it but felt he could not do anything else... he loves technology and was driving by a computer sales and servicing store in the area... he felt God's leading and turned in his last resume. Wednesday he got a phone call... they wanted to schedule him for an interview... they thought is was funny that he had turn in a resume because they wanted to hire some one but had not advertised for it yet. He went to the interview Thursday. Got a phone call Thursday night that he was hired and they wanted him to start Friday as in "tomorrow". So my amazing God gave my husband a job in 4 days; and it is a job that he loves... in fact he will probably make a life long career out of it. Another awesome thing is that we have 2 little ones and I did not even have to think about going to work and leaving them.


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