Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wow God Wednesday - Benen

Today I want to share my little mans pregnancy story.

About this time 3 years ago Matt and I had prayed and decided to adopt. We had researched and filed out application and been accepted. We needed about 2,000 dollars to go any farther. We kept waiting and trusting God. We know that he wanted us to have more little ones.

I have to interject something here. We had been tr
ying to get pregnant for about 2 years and had a miscarriage but no luck in having in more kids. I really wrestled with God for months and months... I did not want our kids to be so fat apart they would not play with each other... I knew God had promised more kids... what was He up
too... Then in February...

We were doing a fundraiser at church for the youth and I was in charge. I was totally exhausted and had a really hurt back form the day. We went home and I set down to rest, after putting Anna down for her nap. As I was sitting I felt a baby k
ick me... "Okay that was weird I am not pregnant; or am I?" So I take a test and yes I am pregnant. Wait it gets better...

I call the doctor on Monday and she thinks that I am like 15 - 20 weeks. So we schedule the ultrasound and I am 23 weeks, yep I was 6 months pregnant. It was really fun to get to call people and say that I am pregnant and having a boy.
Most people ask how I could not know I was pregnant. I am not really sure... I kept just talking myself out of it... we had decided to adopt and my body
had not been normal for over a year. I really think; now, that God wanted this little boy to be a BIG surprise and he also know that Matt and I could not handle the constant worry of losing another one at the beginning of the pregnancy.

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