Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bayfield Fire Open House and tRC Barn Party

Saturday was a fun day with the Bayfield Fire Open House and tRC Barn Party.

First Pictures of the Bran Party, because the loaded that way and I did not want to change them.

Kale and Anna, just being friends. I thought this was a really cute picture.

Anna in the bounce house.

Anna playing musical chairs; she got a cupcake every time she played and on Sunday she told me she was sick of cupcakes... she had also had them for snack,

Benen pretty much played with the Dogs and he also found a ball.

Benen just being himself.

Before the Barn Party on Saturday we went to Bayfield Fire Departments Open House.

The head phones in one of the fire trucks.

Waiting to ride a fire truck, but Benen decided he did not want to go.

Anna wearing the head phones.

Anna rode the fire truck.

A fire truck... as if you did not know:)


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