Sunday, July 13, 2014


11 Years!

We have been married 11 years!

11 years of ups and downs. But I would not trade them for anything, those ups and downs have made us the couple we are today. 

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Here's to 11+ more years:)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

33 Years

Yes, I am 33. Turned that on July 1st. 
Crazy I do not feel 33, while some days I do. Most days I do not think I am mature enough to be 33, whatever that is. Realty is that I am, and I am enjoying it.

Somer is 4

Somer turned 4 on June 30.

4 for Somer's 4th.
1. Loves dancing and singing, songs that she makes up.
2. Loves doing things with her older siblings.
3. Is very imaginative.
4. Wants to help all the time.

Anna is 10

Anna turned 10 on April 16

10 for Anna's 10th.

1. Loves gymnastics.
2. Wants to learn to ride horses.
3. Reads like crazy.
4. Has her own sense of fashion.
5. Loves to do crafts.
6. Is starting to cook, and experiment with her own recipes.
7. Is in her last year of elementary school.
8. Is tall.
9. Loves writing and getting letters.
10. Loves doing things for other people.

Benen's Birthday

So, I am a little behind. Benen turned 7 on  June 14.

7 for Benen's 7th
1. Still loves cars.
2. Loves to play soccer and t-ball
3. Loves going on boy trips with dad.
4. Can read better then he thinks he does.
5. Has not lost any teeth.
6. Is get big (way to fast in my opinion).
7. Wants to learn to play drums and guitar.