Thursday, June 30, 2011

Somer is 1!

Somer Joy Lee: it has been a year since mommy looked like this:

And was ready for you to be here. 

On June 30, 2010 you did arrive, looking like this:

Daddy was super excited to announce to the world that you had arrived very early in the morning.

 You looked like your sister, yet you looked like you.

You were and are completely adored and loved on by your siblings.

 You made us a family of 5.

You are beautiful.

You have a contagious smile the fills your face and everyone around you with joy.

You are easy going and so peaceful.

You love your left thumb.

You love to stick out your tongue and get other people to copy you.

You can give some of the best snuggles.

Like I said your smile, it is contagious.

In the last few months you have become independent with crawling and feeding yourself.

And this is you today, tongue smile and all:

Happy Birthday my little Somer (Womer Pomer) Joy. I love you.
Jo Lee

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lee Family Update

What are we up to?

Will, at that moment. Matt is at work. I am drinking coffee and typing a blog post. Anna is avoiding putting away the dishes. Benen is being a great big brother and playing with Somer. Somer is crawling all over the place and getting into everything.

I am chugging away at school, and am doing pretty good. I turn 30 this week, and I am actually excited to be 30, no reason other than I am excited to see what maturing and life God has in store for the next 30 years.
Matt - is busy with work, men's ministry, and worship ministry.
Anna is enjoying the summer vacation, but not so much the fact that she still has to do chores.
Benen is loving being 4, but is struggling with being the middle child (he is not the baby but also not big enough to do things with Anna sometimes).
Somer is growing quickly. She is crawling and pulling herself up on everything in sight, it will not be long until she walks. She also turns 1 this week - crazy.

Jo Lee

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank You-Auntie Toots

We got a package from Auntie Toots today; with some fun Japanese musical instruments. Thanks for all the fun stuff.

Jo Lee

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Benen is 4

Benen turns 4 today! (not really sure how that happened)

So here is to my surprise little boy, you are very quickly turning into a little man. You are a joy to be around, you are sensitive, caring, and always helpful. You are curious and smart. You are like your dad in so many ways. I love you and you are a true blessing to this family.

Jo Lee

Friday, June 10, 2011

What have we been up to?

We have been up to a lot.

Enjoying the start of summer and summer vacation.

Somer is now crawling; we had to put the gates up. (Once I have a good video of her crawling I will post it).

I started school. Yes; I am going back to school. I am taking online courses to get a Bachelors Degree in Human Services Management (Social Work). I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am hoping to eventually be able to do homestudies for adoptions and I would also like to do work with marriage and family advocacy and training. We will see what all God has in store for this.

We have also been getting ready for a birthday blitz. We have Benen (turning 4) and Uncle Michael (turning 24) on June 14th, then Aunt Tammie (turning 28) on June 22nd, then Somer (turning 1) on June 30th, and lastly Me (turning 30) on July first. My mom said it was worse than Christmas - at least with Christmas it is all on the same day.

How do I feel about turning 30? Not sure; I really do not feel like I should be 30. I know I am, but at the same time I feel so young and immature - wonder if I will ever feel mature? Probably not. I am okay with turning 30; that does not bother me; just do not feel that old I guess. Make sense?

Jo Lee

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anna's Baptism

Anna got baptized on Sunday. Here are some pictures of it.

Matt: baptized her, and as you can tell was very excited. Matt had our senior pastor, Pastor Dwight, pray for her and it was a very prophetic prayer. 

In talking to Anna about why she wanted to get baptized and in teaching her about baptism I have realized that baptism is actually a very simple and at the same time a very big step in obedience. I think that God designed baptism to be simple to understand; as it is meant to be done after we except Him - it reminds me of child like faith. The simplicity of it is that God commands us to do it and we do. At the same time it is a huge act of obedience, while baptism does not save you it is an act of saying before witnesses that I have surrender my life to God - which doing that in public is a huge blow to the enemy. That is exactly what Anna did.

We are very proud of our little girl for wanting to be obedient!

Jo Lee