Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Okay will sense everyone else is doing it. Okay no that is not the only reason it just looks like fun and it would be good to write down what I am thankful for on a weekly basis. So here I go joining you Pastor Linn.

1. I am thankful for nap time; it brings quiet to my house.
2. My BFF and husband who is very different form me; and it is a good thing-he brings balance to my life and I am thankful for that.

3. Thankful for the challenge my 4 year old princesses is (as long as she does not forget that I am Queen of this house).

4. Thankful for my smiley faced little boy and the surprise that he was.

5. For 5 years of marriage and it went by so fast; cannot believe that we have been married double that average couple in America. 

6. For Madison and Violet; and the opportunity to have more little ones in my home to watch-I love the chaos they bring; and for the fact that Tiffany and Jerome intrust me with there children.

7. For my house that is just the right size; and the fact that God provided it in just the right time.
8. For my sister and the friendship we now have.

9. For my parents that not only provided for my physically but also spiritually; and for the way that they love my kids.
10. For the opportunities that God gives me to grow on a daily basis.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snuggle Time

Madison (a 2 year old that I watch) and Anna snuggling with diapers. Why? I have no idea. Later Anna told me that they were trophies. I will never understand what goes on in their minds; and I do not even want to try.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daughter for Sell or Rent

Okay I really love me daughter but seriously if I have to spank or punish her for disrespecting me and everyone else anymore she just might go to the highest bidder. The last few days have been full of her taking toys form other kids; not giving them back or apologizing and then telling (or really yelling at) me what she wants to do. Really a person can only take so much of this.

God please give me the wisdom to teach my daughter to respect people and the patients to deal with her learning curve.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Naked Fire Boy

Just wanted to share some black mail with you all.

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my hero and mom's 53rd Birthday. It is funny because when people ask me how old she is I really usually do not know (I see here as my best friend so she really can not be that much older then me). But she is my mom so she is older then me.

So the question is why is my mom my hero; will really because she has spend everyday of my life living out in front of me the example of a Godly women. No she is not prefect and she makes mistakes (we all do); but she is willing to face and admit those miss ups and us them as growing experiences. She earnestly seeks God's face and tries to do what she fills He is calling her to do everyday; and for that she is my hero.

Thank you and Happy Birthday Mom.

Please let me be an example of a Godly women to my children; and thank you for putting my mom in my life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Sutherland Farms

The Maize Maze (under 5 minutes following Kale and Anna)

I am almost 4 pumpkins tale

Benen and Mom finding a pumpkin

Anna's 1st pumpkin pick

The Hayride

The Corn Pit

Sliding into the Corn Pit

Benen playing in the Corn Pit

Benen and the Corn Pit

Covering Anna in Corn

The Barrel Train

This weekend

So we had a busy weekend.

Friday: The kids and I ran errands-serviced car, groceries, shopping for church and... Then we had pizza and watched a movie that night. It was fun family time.

Saturday: We got up and pack Anna things (she spent the night with Pap and Grandma). Before heading to Bayfield to drain the brakes on the Bravada we went to Sutherland Farms to the Pumpkin Festival. We ended up meeting The Palmer's minus Mark and two of Jill's sisters. It was fun and we got our pumpkins. Then off to Bayfield for some naps, to drop off Anna and to work on the car. Then Matt and Benen and I came home to get ready for church.

Sunday: Church and then back to Bayfield for dinner and to pick up Anna. It was a busy but fun weekend.