Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Mountain Climbing

 I feel like a am at the beginning of an up hill battle and I have been there for a few months. I know in praying and arguing with God that this is just were he has me right know; but I most be honest I am not really enjoying it right know. The funny thing is that it is not really an up hill battle in one particular thing it is really every thing. I know that I have said here I am Lord; and am not turning back from what you have called me to do-and right now He is telling me to climb that mountain of life one rocky horrible step at a time and to keep striving for the goal. I am just at a place that I am going to take the steps that he is telling me to take; but I do not like the way that some of them look or how is wants me to stand on them. 

Lord please change my heart so that I can look at each step in front of me with your passion and enthusiasm. Allow me to see the mountain you have me climbing throw your eyes as your beautiful creation.

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