Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Missions

My 4 year old made a very innocent yet convicting statement yesterday. We were talking about people that are on mission trips and she asked if we (as in our family) were going to go on one. I brushed it off and said no not right now, maybe when you are older. I have really been thinking about my response that last few days.

Why do we have to what until our kids are older to take them on missions and teach them about evangelism and serving? Is not one of God's greatest commands to care for the orphaned and the widow? What harm would it do to take her on a missions trip? I am sure I would be amazed at the things it would teacher her and me? 

So if we are to be a living example of Christ everyday and then we tell our kids that in order to go on a mission trip they have to wait until they are older, are we teaching them that God can not call us or them at a young age? I do not want to send that message to my 4 year old.

So this has sparked a new prayer in my heart. "Lord I want my children to experience and to walk out the things that you have called them in at a young age. What have and are you calling me to do right know as their parent to help them walk in all you have for them? Am I to take Anna on a mission trip even at 4 or 5?"

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