Monday, July 14, 2008

The Battle of Our Lives

Picture two armies standing ready to fight; both armies believe that they are fighting a cause that is valuable. They are fighting to win a battle for their rulers and for their lives. These armies are not fighting for land or crops even for beliefs they are fighting for their lives. The army that you stand with has taken refuge at the foot of some mighty cliffs.  This place as a strong wall of defense and it has protected us many times before. It is a place of security, a place that has defended you before, and place of safety. You fell protected, and at the some time you are being attack by and army that out numbers and wants to kill you. 

Both of you stand ready to fight waiting for them to make their first attack; they stand taunting and intimidating you. You start praying for God to give you strength and discover that you are not the only one praying, the men around you are also praying. As your prayers grow stronger some one slips and an arrow is shot. THE BATTLE BEGINS, and suddenly you find that your army is now attacking the enemy. Your prayers gave you courage and brought help, but the battle is still fierce and dangerous. The advancing army takes the wall that protected you and destroys many lives. After any hours of fighting the army of your enemy stands pounding at the last door of defense. You have been over taken and you know that your life is about to be taken. You have no where to run, and it would seem as though God has not shown up to help defend you. 

Just as you feel you have run out of time, and it is too late you are going to lose, God shows up and not just to help defend you but to fighting the battle for you. GOD TAKES VICTORY. God wins for the sake of your life and defends you. You realize that God was not too late, he was just on time.

We are in a battle that only God can win; at battle for our lives and the lives of the people around of this world. We stand ready to defend those lives, and we start praying for God to helps defend and to bring protection. He sends helpers but the enemy still out numbers us. We pray for courage and strength, and as we are praying our prayers turn us form the defenders to attackers and we start the fight. The first arrow (of prayer) is shot by us. THE BATTLE BEGINS.

We fight courageously and confidently behind a wall that we know God provided to protect us. The enemy takes the wall and many lives. We find ourselves stand behind the last door of our defenses knowing that the enemy is going to win, wondering were God is and why he did not show up to help. Just as we know God is too late, he shows up and ends the battle. God is never too late, and he will never let the enemy have ours lives. We just have to hold on to our defenses and the lives that we have until his timing for victory, and he will show up for victory not just to help. GOD TAKES VICTORY.

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