Thursday, June 30, 2011

Somer is 1!

Somer Joy Lee: it has been a year since mommy looked like this:

And was ready for you to be here. 

On June 30, 2010 you did arrive, looking like this:

Daddy was super excited to announce to the world that you had arrived very early in the morning.

 You looked like your sister, yet you looked like you.

You were and are completely adored and loved on by your siblings.

 You made us a family of 5.

You are beautiful.

You have a contagious smile the fills your face and everyone around you with joy.

You are easy going and so peaceful.

You love your left thumb.

You love to stick out your tongue and get other people to copy you.

You can give some of the best snuggles.

Like I said your smile, it is contagious.

In the last few months you have become independent with crawling and feeding yourself.

And this is you today, tongue smile and all:

Happy Birthday my little Somer (Womer Pomer) Joy. I love you.
Jo Lee

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