Monday, June 27, 2011

Lee Family Update

What are we up to?

Will, at that moment. Matt is at work. I am drinking coffee and typing a blog post. Anna is avoiding putting away the dishes. Benen is being a great big brother and playing with Somer. Somer is crawling all over the place and getting into everything.

I am chugging away at school, and am doing pretty good. I turn 30 this week, and I am actually excited to be 30, no reason other than I am excited to see what maturing and life God has in store for the next 30 years.
Matt - is busy with work, men's ministry, and worship ministry.
Anna is enjoying the summer vacation, but not so much the fact that she still has to do chores.
Benen is loving being 4, but is struggling with being the middle child (he is not the baby but also not big enough to do things with Anna sometimes).
Somer is growing quickly. She is crawling and pulling herself up on everything in sight, it will not be long until she walks. She also turns 1 this week - crazy.

Jo Lee

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