Friday, April 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday on Friday

(Let me tell you that grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and City Market can really take it out of this prego. I am convenced it was mostly Wal-Mart) So what I am thankful for this week...
... conversations with the hubby (Matt) - they are the best.
... a little princess (Anna) that has people in her life that love to spoil her and treat her special.
... a little super hero (Benen) that wants to help all the time and loves being with his sister.
... that in 10 (or less) very short weeks I get to meet this little girl growing inside me.
... for FLYlady - my house has been clean and the laundry caught up for 2 weeks now and it is not overwhelming me.
... a group of ladies to go listen to Beth Moore with tomorrow.
... the creative youth group that decided to do a family fundraiser tonight and celebrate 50's style.
... that my kids love to learn about Jesus and they get excited to go to riverKIDS on Sunday mornings.
... children worshipping - there is nothing like hearing kids sing Jesus Loves Me; especially when it is your kids singing it.

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