Monday, January 12, 2009

Faith Lived Out vs. What If

I recently read a book about a POW in a Japanese camp during WWII. Her faith was amazing to me. While being interrogated and bitten she talks about at one pointing thinking of all the what if's... What if this and what if that. It really hit me because I do that ever day. There always seems to be a point in the day when I say what about this and what if this happens and then a spend a long time to trying to figure things out.. especially things that have not happened or that I really have not control over. The thing that is challenging me right now is that she finally reach a point here she stopped what if-ing and just let faith be lived out in her. She let God be God and listen to Him and let Him figure it all out; and HE DID (in even a great blessing and way then she had asked for). 

God I want to stop and just let you be in control. I resign as manager of the universe and I let you be in control. I want to just let faith be lived out in me. Thank you for having things figured out; and for doing even more then we could hope or imagine.

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