Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things About Me

Here is 25 random things about me.
1. My mom was 4 weeks over due with me.
2. My hair was black when I was born.
3. My mom started cutting my bangs at 3 or 4 months my hair was so long.
4. I am a Dr. Pepper addict - I do not even drink coke or pepsi as a second.
5. I was 23 weeks (6 months) pregnant with Benen before I found out.
6. I love to teach.
7. I love working with kids.
8. I prayed that I would marry some one that had musical talent (mostly because I do not); and God gave me Matt.
9. I was not born in Durango or Colorado
10. I have lived in Durango 3 month short of my whole life.
11. I am older than Matt (6 months).
12. I played the violin.
13. I wanted to be a nurse or a teacher growing up - now I am both.
14. I wanted 8 kids growing up - now I do not know how many.
15. I used to perm my hair.
16. I am a Phisering Winer.
17. The only foreign country I have ever been to is Mexico.
18. I have only been to the beach once - when I was 18.
19. I have only flown once - when I was 19.
20. I am missing 9 teeth.
21. I have 4 piercing.
22. Blue is my favorite color.
23. I love when Anna lets me do her hair.
24. I love to cook.
25. I enjoy reading - did not used to but now I do.

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