Monday, December 22, 2008

Sinful Nature

Believe me I know that my children are not perfect and that they are born with a sinful nature; but I am beginning to discover Anna's. 

This morning it took her 2 hours to get dressed and even start cleaning her room; I went to check on her after the 2 hours and she had done nothing. Right before lunch I told her she needed to get dressed and then start cleaning her room or there would be pain if she did not do that by the time I got lunch on the table. I went upstairs and 15 minutes later she is upstairs saying she is done. I was amazed - she actually did something as quickly as I had thought she should. Ohhh little did I know that surprise awaiting me. 

I got the kids feed and was putting them done for naps and checking Anna's room - which looked very clean - then I opened the closet; and you guessed it she had just stuffed everything in the closet. I was so made - she had not only disobeyed but had lied to me. So after punishment and reassuring her that I love her no matter what she does - I put her to bed with the knowledge that her room is getting cleaned.

I know I remember doing this as a kid - but this is new for Anna and it is very different being on the parenting end of things. I understand more and more how my mom felt.


Tiffany said...

Too funny! I remember doing the same thing to my mom... maybe it's something about dominant female personalities? Amazing how God gave you the grace to not, as Jen would say, "rip off her arm & beat her with it"! And the best part is - someday her children will do it to you & you will be able to sit back & laugh!

Miss. Jinny said...

Oh man I totally use to do that although I use to shove everything under my bed lol man I am not looking forward to this part of parenting lol!