Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Choose-Mary or Martha

So the last few days have been interesting. I do not want to repeat what my hubby just posted but you can read it for yourself if you want ( ). The point that you all need to know for the rest of my blog is that Monday morning Matt was laid off. The funny thing is that God is doing amazing things in both of us throw this. The last few days I have had moments of just wanting to break down and cry; but other then that I have pretty much found peace.

Last night at Girls Small Group I was sharing this high and low (low obviously, but high because of seeing how my husband has grown-read his blog for more) and then Megan want to pray for us and me (never refuse prayer is what I say). The awesome thing is that as she was praying for me she talking about seeing me sit at God's feet and be His princess and have peace. As she was talking God said that in all of this I will daily have the choice to be Mary or Martha-I can either get up and do something (which is my usual reaction) and try to make things "better" or I can just rest at Jesus' feet and dwell in His peace.

Papa I choose your rest and peace-I am not in control never have been and I do not want to try to do something and make it all better when you have the best plan already taking action. You are amazing and I praise you for just being my Papa.

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Megan said...

Oh man! I LOVE the feet of Papa...I could sit there for hours! Love you guys!