Thursday, December 4, 2008

God's Miracle Week

Okay 2 times in one day but I could not go to bed without telling everyone about God's miracle week. So to start...

Monday: Matt gets laid off-God allows me and him to see the spiritual growth He has done in Matt; he does not freak out or get depressed and Matt actual prays and follows God lead.

Tuesday: Matt applies for jobs, takes care of unemployment. God shows me that I have a choice to be Mary or Martha-I choose Mary and struggle with letting go of "my control"-but I do let go; and find peace in the storm. Get Matt's last paycheck (that was over nighted) and it goes way farther then expected-paid all of our bills for this month and we also get some extra cash to fix the car heater that broke.

Wednesday-Matt gets a phone call from PCS (Professional Computer Solutions) that he was not even sure was looking for people he just turned in a resume-continue to see the spiritual growth.

Thursday-Matt goes into PCS (Professional Computer Solutions) and has an interview that goes really well. Turns out that they actual had a job open that they were not sure how they were going to fill-but God did.  Gets offered a job and starts tomorrow. He will be doing tech support on a restaurant touch screen system-something he is really excited to do. I can tell he is excited because he got his lunch stuff ready before he went to bed. 

Friday-Matt starts:) Praise God (he is going to Grand Junction to help put in a touch screen system-with the owner of PCS and his new supervisor).


Megan said...

Love it and can't stand how awesome God is!!! Love you guys bunches and bunches!

Durango Palmers said...

WOW! How humbling it is to see God work in the midst of stress. Thank you for sharing with us God's provision. WHooooo Hoooo! So glad that Matt gets to use his tech-nerdy-ness skills!!! Go God!

Tiffany said...

WOOHOO! Only God can orchestrate that! Can't wait to see what God has in store for Matt at PCS - it must be amazing for Him to work this situation together like he has. Love you guys!