Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Pole

So I was setting here thinking when is this baby going to come? Then I thought it would be fun to do a baby pool and the prize is... ummmmm.... yeah.... I do not get to be pregnant anymore and you can celebrate with me.

So what's your guess?
June 29
June 30
July 1 (my birthday)
July 2
July 3 (my due date)
July 4
July 5
July 6
July 7
July 8
July 9........



Tiffany said...

You already know my vote - July 4th baby!

Mike and Sarah Dombrowski said...

That's a great prize! July 2nd!

Kristin said...

Goodnight! I'm just praying you don't go until July 9th or you will be ready to dig that kiddo out with a spoon!! (which I don't recommend...;) Ummmm....July 1st is my bet!

Just Me - The Champion said...

July 3rd. Right on time! :)