Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Better Late than Never

Thankful Thursday; today I am thankful for...
... a husband that is willing to come home and do house work all evening.
... not being on bed rest (with both Anna and Benen I was on bed rest at this point).
... a mom and sister that bought me an early birthday present of clothes (nursing and maternity) now I actually have things that fit :)
... friendships that stay even though there maybe miles between us.
... God allowing good-byes to not be forever.
... my friend Jinny and the new adventure she is going on next week.
... a little man that turns 3 next week.
... a Connect Group to hang out with on Friday nights.
... Midwives.
... food.
... lemon slices and ice that make water taste on so good.


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