Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wow God Wednesday

So our senior pastor's wife does a blog post called Memorial Box Monday... I have been toying with the thought of doing one for a while but keep thinking that I really have no memorable God stories to share... then last night God (nicely) kicked me and I realize that anything that God does in my life or anyway He has moved in my life is memorable so here is my version of Memorial Box Monday - Wow God Wednesday.

Some times - actually a lot of times - I am amazed at God's attention to details. Things like Benen loves Cars (the movie) and Lighten McQueen. Today at lunch Matt informs me that they have this cute little McQueen table and 2 chairs at his office that the boss is giving Benen. Benen loves it and it is really cool just the right size for him and perfect. God loves my 2 year old enough to give him the table, crazy but still amazing and a Wow God You are awesome and You care about even little blessings.


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Jill said...

As I started reading this I thought "Jo, you've got tons of stories of God's goodness in your life." So glad He nicely kicked your chubbies :) I love this story. So awesome that God is all about the small things!