Friday, September 11, 2009

Building a Home?

I do not usually post twice in one day; but I think this justifies it. I have been hinting here and one face book about he possibility of us getting a new house. God always seems to start us down a path and then turn us on a blind corner. A couple months ago we looked in to buying a trainer on the mesa - did not work out for financing reasons. Then a few weeks ago we looked at renting a house on the mesa, and a few days after we turned in our application for that house my dad called to tell us about Colorado Housing Inc. They help build and finance houses in the area - they are kind of like Habitat but a little different. You build a house and help the other people that are building build there houses, it is a special loan and the payments are assessed. We were originally thinking that we start to build this house in the Spring of 2010, but we got a phone call this week and in looks like we are going to start this fall. The amount of our pre approval is more than enough to build and we are excited. It would be in Bayfield; but that is okay. Trust me I will post more as we start building and picking out colors and flooring and all that.

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Miss. Jinny said...

PRAISE JESUS! :) That is so awesome I can't wait to see the progress start to happen! :)