Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some Random Stuff...

Let's see....

.... One of the houses in your apartment complex had a boulder fall off the mountain behind us and do major damage to the house yesterday. I keep looking outside at the rock wall and hill side - checking it. I realized that I need to just know God's got us all safely in His arms - but still crazy to think about. 

... I realize that as a mom and parent we want to protect our children from pain and hurt and we want them to be healthy. I have had to give myself permission to be okay with not wanting Somer to have to go to a specialist for her urinary tract and facing surgery in the future. I am her mom and even though there are worse things that could happen to her as her mom I want to protect her form anything that could happen to her - but I can not and that would not be what is best for her.

... I am exhausted and slowly getting caught up on laundry from May of 2010 - really seriously I do not think I have been caught up on laundry sense then, but I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.

... Matt gets the transmission for our second car today and it will hopefully be in on Saturday - so we go back to have 2 cars. Yeah!

... The last 2 days it has been in the mid 50's and today it is overcast and supposed to snow - Colorado Weather got to love it.

... I am seriously contemplating making matching dress for the girls for Easter. If I do I will let you know how that goes - I am not always the best seamstress, so we will see.

... we got our Girl Scout Cookies today - we will see how long they last?

... ever had Oyster Ranch Crackers? They are supper yummy - I think I will make some for snack.

.. . the kids are down for  a nap and I think I will join them for a little bit, and then it is up to do some more house work.

Jo Lee

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Tiffany said...

Boulder? Scary!!!!!! I would be checking the hillside too, in all my trusting glory. :)