Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letters of Intent

Dear Somer,

You are 4 months old tomorrow. You have grown so much in a very short amount of time. You are sleeping in the "Girls Room" and sleeping for 12 hours at night. You love to smile and laugh at people especially your brother and sister. You are starting to eat every 4 hours. You enough standing up - and talking to all of us. You have learned to growl and find in fascinating when we growl back, and you also like to stick your tangue out and see if you stick ours out. You love bath time and splashing water every where. You live up to your middle name and are a true Joy to be around. We are enjoying seeing the little lady you are becoming. As Benen calls you "Somer Womer" we love you.

Your Momma

Dear Benen,

Can I just say that I love your little underwear covered chubbies. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR ACTUALLY POTTY TRAINING. I am not sure if it is just timing or the fact that I asked our small group to pray for you to start, but this momma is praising the Lord. You are doing so good and I am so proud of you. Keep it up handsome big boy.

One Proud Excited (to have one less diaper to change) Mom

Dear Anna,

While you are my beautiful princess, and I am thankful that you wanted to learn to change Somer's diaper and you actually enjoyed it that does not mean you get to change all her diapers nor do you get to be the parent and think you know everything that Somer needs or wants. I am just saying. I love you but you are 6 going on 7 not 6 going on 30.

Your Momma - the QUEEN of this Castle my fair Princess


Tiffany said...

tehehehehe!!!!! I love it!!!!!

Rachel said...

Your kiddos are adorable!

Amy said...

Aren't they cute! What a sweet big sister! Although it is good that you want her to be a kid still and not a "little Mommy". Helping is fun though! Way to go on potty training... we are kinda stuck :-(

Happy Friday!

Foursons said...

Your kiddos are so cute. Congrats on the potty training. Hopefully Anna will want to stay a little girl for just a little while longer. Like 10 years or so would be good, right?

Thanks for linking up!