Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

"Do we worship God because of things or because of Who He Is?" - I was challenged by God with this question this week. Then God kicks my butt even farther this week and asks me: "Do you worship me because of things and circumstance or because of Who I Am?" Then I was also challenged with the thought of: "That question not only applies to worship but to my attitude and my gratitude. Honestly; I would have to say that my attitude, my gratitude, and my worship are all more related to my circumstances and things rather then Who God Is. I think the thing that makes the difference is my focus; am I focused on God or on everything else around me. So; I would like to share my Thankful Thursday for Who My God Is.

I am thankful that God is my...
... provider.
... peace.
... Father.
... friend.
... savior.
... everlasting joy.
... creator.
... refuge.
... salvation.
... defender.


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