Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Evening Thoughts on Parenting

Do you ever just get overwhelmed with love for your kids; to the point that you want to cry because that is just about the only way you can express your love for them. That seems to happen to me at the most unusual places and times. Like tonight. Anna is at sports camp and Matt is working out so it was just Benen and I. I am giving Benen a bath - the normal nightly routine around here; and this wave of love hits me. I know it has happened before and will happen again. I think it is a small glimpse of how much God loves us all the time every moment of everyday - during our routines. I can not even begin to understand His love for me. Oh about how a long to feel it more and more everyday; in my routine life. Lord keep drawling me closer to You; so that I can gain more and more understanding of Your love.

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