Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Wow it is Thursday; and May is almost over. Where did it all go? So what I am I thankful this week.
- Friends; they are great to have around.
- Children's Ministry Changes; I am excited to see what God does.
- To get to homeschool Anna next year.
- Homeschool curriculum; I do not have to figure it all out myself Praise the Lord!
- Matt; Monday I was not feeling good is he make decisions and took care of things - baths, dishes etc.
- My kids even though they test my nerves I love having them around and could not imagine life without them.
- For coffee
- For allergy medicine; my allergies are driving my crazy this week.
- For Dr. Pepper and Sonic Ice


Just Me - The Champion said...

LOVE Sonic Ice. I am praying for you and your homeschooling adventure. I know it has to be a new and exciting time. I pray you see progress in Anna and that God totally blesses all of it. PS. My allergies are nuts too this week! :) lv, jen

Your Home said...

Yeah coffee! Yeah Diet Coke!

Yeah for being thankful over little things - like hubbies who do dishes!

And yeah for HOmeshcooling! And the Curriculum!