Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Church Ministry

Our church is going through a lot of changes right now (we have 3 of the 5 full time pastoral staff all leaving because God has called them to move on to something else); and there is the possibility of the one staff member (besides the Senior pastor) having a different job. The last few days I have heard a few people in our church become and express their anxiety over these changes; and last night it got to me. I did not sleep very good and while I was in and out of sleep I was talking to God about the situation and all the "what if's" in my head. 

Finally God got ahold of me and I realized that while I believe that He is in control I was still holding on to what I do in ministry and to all that I see that this church could become. The freeing thing that I realized is that God really just wants me to throw my hands up in praise letting go of every hold I have on ministry; and letting Him truly have control. When I do this I free myself form things that I should not be taking on as a burden and I let God us me however He wants. Does this change what I have a heart for or wear I ministry  - no, but it frees me form false responsibility. 

God also should me that He really wants to do something different and amazing with our church and in order to do that He has a plan of how, who, and when those ministry positions will be filled. God really wants to turn church in America - and our church would be included in that - upside down; not only does He want to He is in the process of turning church upside down.

So God I surrender; with arms raised high. This church, these ministries, and this community, and the people in it are not mine to manage and carry the weight of they are yours. I am sorry for taking on all the "what if's" and not just doing what you are telling me to do. 


Just Me - The Champion said...

Yeah Jo! Love this... I totally am praying and hearing the same thing from the Lord. It is our "worry" that is sinful and wrong. It is our need to know the "what if" than just live in the "what is" that causes anxiety among people. I praise God for this next phase and season in ministry. Taking it one day at a time, trusting Him... that He's got it all covered. Thanks for posting this. YOU ROCK! lv, jen

Kim said...

Worry is part of that human nature. The element of Control we wish to have. That's why God calls us to Surrender. Let him take care of things.

"GO!" He tell us. He Calls. He Equips. He Leads. He Directs.

We Stand until he speaks the word, GO!

Anonymous said...

That's my wife!