Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my hero and mom's 53rd Birthday. It is funny because when people ask me how old she is I really usually do not know (I see here as my best friend so she really can not be that much older then me). But she is my mom so she is older then me.

So the question is why is my mom my hero; will really because she has spend everyday of my life living out in front of me the example of a Godly women. No she is not prefect and she makes mistakes (we all do); but she is willing to face and admit those miss ups and us them as growing experiences. She earnestly seeks God's face and tries to do what she fills He is calling her to do everyday; and for that she is my hero.

Thank you and Happy Birthday Mom.

Please let me be an example of a Godly women to my children; and thank you for putting my mom in my life.

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