Wednesday, December 18, 2013

13 for 2013

13. Matt looks for a new job.
12. Matt looks into joining the military, we will see what God does with this one in 2014.
11. Both Matt and Jo spend 6 days unplugged getting connected with God.
10. Annna turns 9.
9. Benen turns 6.
8. Somer turns 3.
7. Timothy turns 1.
6. Matt and Jo celebrate 10 years.
5. We find a new place to rent.
4. Anna breaks her wrist.
3. Anna and Somer enjoy Dance and Gymnastics.
2. Benen plays Fall Soccer.
1. We are a family united by God, and growing everyday.

1 comment:

Mike, Sarah, and Josh Dombrowski said...

Love the pictures and we are so proud to stand by you all during this new year!