Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Been awhile.....

So to update you all on what has been happening around here.

Sommer's Surgery: Somer's surgery went will, but recovery was not so good. She was a good deal of pain the first few days. We came home after the surgery and she started having seizures. Went through some testing and discovered that one of the meds she was on has a seizure side effect, took her off, seizures stopped. The are still up in the air about weither the medication caused the seizures or just brought a problem to the surface, so we will post likely have to do more testing and see a pediatric neurologist in a few months. She is doing awesome now! She also turns 2 on Saturday!

Birthdays: Somer is not the only June b-day we have around here. Benen turned 5 on the 14th, and I will be dedicating a whole post him tomorrow.

Me: I am still pregnant, as I should be, but getting closer to being done. 7 weeks left.

Matt: The company that Matt works for has sold will be changing owners the end of July.

July and August will be busy: with my b-day, our 9 year anniversary, Matt's company switch, and quatro all due around August 18th.

Jo Lee

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