Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Post

"A Post"
Because I am not witty enough to come up with a creative title.

What have we been up to in our house? 

Will school; for both Anna and me. Anna is cruising right along in her 1st grade year, and I will be going back to college soon. I am going to go to the University of Phoenix and before I official start I am taking some workshops - need to refresh my mind on what it is like to be a student, it has only been 7 years sense I took a class and all. I am excited and I know I am doing what God wants me to do, but I can get overwhelmed with all the changes I can see coming - I stop and just give it to God - taking it one step at a time. If you would like to see more what Anna has been doing you can go here: tacacademy.blogspot.com

We are enjoying the promise of spring and getting outside as much as we can. I am trying new things in the kitchen and will hopefully be saving some money on our grocery bill, at least that is the goal. I have been reading stuff about people that can eat healthy and spend between 200 and 250 dollars a month to feed a family of 4 - so I am attempting to implement those ideas and spent less on groceries.

Matt is busy at work, with mens ministry, and with worship stuff at church.

Anna turns 7 next month - I am not ready for that. She wants a sleep over party and is very related to her mother - she is in to planning every detail of the party even when they will go to sleep. 

Benen is developing into a very caring little man. He loves on his sisters and loves to play with dad. He is starting to play pretend and it is fun to watch him and Anna play.

Somer is getting more mobile, still not crawling but she will scoot backwards on her belly and will roll around to get to things. If I can get the big kids to stop running to her every squawk maybe she will crawl soon. Her VUR seems to be doing good and not bothering her. We had some elders at church pray for her Sunday and we are believing that she is healed.  

So; there you have it. That is "A Post"

Jo Lee

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Tiffany said...

And a very good post it is. I think that figuring out a title is the hardest part about blogging.