Thursday, January 6, 2011

Letters of Intent

Dear Baby Girl-
Please lets never ever go to the doctor for a routine check up find out you have lost a pound of weight, have to have a bag taped to your girl parts, wait over an hour to see if you pee - you do not. Get sent to the hospital to get several blood test done (like 8, finally pee - but pee out of the bag on to the diaper), have to get more blood work done because the lab did not have enough, and have to get poked 5 times in order to get all that blood. Okay - I do not need to do that again! How about you just do a better job of telling me you are sick - deal?

Mom that does not like seeing you in pain

Dear Hospital Lab-
Seriously could you get your act together. I know you need to have good and adequate samples for your tests to work, but could you get your story straight the first time so that pour nurses do not have to poke little babies with big needles some many times.

One annoyed mom

Dear Nursery Nurses-
Thank you for taking your time and for making sure we had everything the lab needed before we left. Thank you for being so gentle and caring with my baby, and I am sorry you had to poke her so many times too.

Thank you,
One mom that needed to know someone cared

Dear Big Kids-
Thank you for being so good while we waited for your sister to pee in a bag for so long at the office. Thank you for being good for your dad, and for getting some school work done with him. 

Thank you,
One mom that loves her big kids

Dear Hubby-

Thank you for not even hesitating to leave work and taking care of the big kids while I took care of a sick baby. You rock, and you so earned brownie points for that one.

The brownie point giver

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Sommer said...

It sounds like a no fun day! Prayers for lil Somer. And for mommmy and daddy too. I hope that they figure it all out soon. We love and miss you. Let us know how things go. Hugs Sommer

Rachel said...

Aww- your family sounds wonderful! It's no fun having a sick kid. I had to do the "wait for a baby to pee in a bag" thing for so many hours that they finally sent us to the hospital so they could close! I hope she is feeling better soon!

deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

I hope your daughter starts feeling better soon. Your husband did do well. Maybe he deserves a whole pan of brownies!

Happy Friday

Foursons said...

Oh no! Do you know what's wrong yet? I'm sorry y'all had to go through that. Thank goodness for such an awesome family.

Thanks for linking up!

Jan said...

Poor Sommer Baby!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Poor little one! We had to go through something somewhat similar about a month and a 1/2 ago with my 2 year old.

So glad you had good nurses though. Sorry about the sucky lab.

Have a good weekend and I hope Somer is feeling better!

Came your way via Foursons :)

Tiffany said...

But I am so glad we know what is wrong now, and that she will be feeling better soon!

Miss. Jinny said...

Oh sweet Sommer girl! :( Praying for you and your mommy! I loved the letters the brownie points one cracked me up! :)