Monday, December 6, 2010

Let's Be Honest

To be honest I have had a hard time getting in the swing of Christmas around here. I do not know why I just have; then I found and a free 50 Christmas Card give away - that is helping. I mean how can pass up 50 free Christmas Cards - not me. I have been playing around with some fun designs. Like these that I love:

They also have great canvas prints and wall art here: You can make a personalized gift and then have it sent directly to the recipient - which lets face it is worth giving them a shoot right there; especially for this home of three little ones. Like a mug for the Grandparents or Aunts and Uncle, or a calendar, or you could just check out all the cool stuff they have here:

Something I think is supper fun is a photo invitation that you could make here:

You really should check out They have some great deals, and when you leave in a town with not many options then online deals are great.

So I will let you go check all the seasonal fun you can have over at Shutterfly - enjoy.

Jo Lee

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