Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful...

... that we got to go out as a family of four for $2 last night. We went to a restaurant opening and got dinner for free and then to Baskin Robins for 31 cent scoops (to support the firefighters) and got ice cream. ... that Matt was totally fine last week with the kids for 4 days by himself. He got them to the sitter, home, feed, bathed and in bed. Thank you for being such a trooper.

... for great friends that watch my kids and love on them.

... for FC Kids and the C3 Kids conference that gave me and the other River Guides lots of ideas for children's ministry.

... for the sun.

... for Anna.

... for Benen.

... for Matt.

... for our home.

... for chocolate, Dr. Pepper, crushed ice, and Coffee.

... for Matt's job.

... for the River Church and the blessing that it is to serve there.

... for pastors that do not let the enemy win.

... for my sister (Tammie) that leaves tomorrow to go to Uganda for 2 weeks... for the growth I have seen in her when she stepped out to do this... for the path that God is taking her on... and for the things God has already provided and is going to provide. Please keep her in your prayers. 

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Mom Of Many said...

Chocolate and Dr. Pepper in the same sentence? A woman after my own heart. xo