Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Here is my thankful list this week:
1. For a husband who is willing to work through things honestly.
2. For two beautiful children; that God gave us - the timing was unplanned by us but so much better then we could have planned.
3. For the Phispering Winers (my co-fire fighters)
4. For Thin Mint cookies - yummy.
5. For chocolate.
6. For childhood memories.
7. For a sister and brother and that are growing in Christ - they are a true encouragement to me and I love being around them.
8. For family (both physical and "adopted") that supports me even when they may not agree with me.
9. For the fun random things that kids do.
10. For this calling that God gave me; and the journey I am on to discover it.

1 comment:

Just Me - The Champion said...

Jo, I too am SO thankful for Thin Mints... chocolate. Your bro and sister rock..your list is great. Great job on an awesome post. IT's good to read your posts again. Keep em comin. lv, jen