Friday, September 26, 2008 is what Jesus did.

So I have been learning about the true heart of God as a servant. It seems like every book I have ready (I am currently reading 3) and every one I hear talk it all points to this. Maybe God is trying to teach me something:). I think that the biggest thing that is sticking out to my right now it that serving openly was Jesus' biggest "ministry" (if you can say he had a ministry; I think He just spent every day in relationship with God and man and did what he could to serve them). Not only did Jesus serve the disciples and the people following him; but he told the disciples to go ahead of him into the city and to find a person of honor (some one of standing and leadership in the city); and then they would offer their serves to them-what kind of doors did they have open to them in doing that?

God-help me to have a servant heart. I long to serve the people around me; where they need it with no agenda.

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